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The Modcast Process

It's about Effective Lead Times. Designed with you in mind.

 1   Consultation

The first step is to work with you to ensure that we fully understand your requirements. This covers things such as: Size Options, Exposure Classification, Relevant Design Standard, Load Rating, Orientation, Bases/Lids/Links, Wing-walls, Penetrations, Unique Site Conditions, Cranage Limitations, Project Timing and more.

Your Modcast consultant will make this process very easy, helping you to understand or find out any missing information.

Being on the same page as you from the start is crucial to delivering exactly what you need - and delivering at the right time.

You will then receive a Price Proposal from Modcast.

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 2   Design

Once an order has been agreed upon, our in-house engineers produce certified shop drawings to relevant standards.

These drawings detail the exact internal and external dimensions, concrete specification, lifting design and other important information.

Modcast will send these drawings to you for review and sign-off, which allows us to move into production phase.

This stage ensures that there are no surprises or mistakes as a result of miscommunication or assumptions.


 3   Manufacture

The production process is carefully scheduled out. Realistic and clear timeframes are communicated and agreed upon.

You will be provided with production updates in a manner that suits you; by phone, email or text message.

The Modcast QA process begins well before any concrete is poured - information from the Consult and Design stages are combined into a QA plan which is followed rigorously every day. 

Each Culvert is checked for size and specification soon after it has been produced, and will only be pronounced ready for despatch if it is within all design specification parameters and has achieved correct strength.


 4   Delivery

Now your Modcast Culverts will have been QA checked and labelled, including the weight of each unit. As each unit is loaded onto the delivery vehicle, it is identified and ticked off. A detailed delivery manifest is sent with each load.

Modcast works with you to deliver when it suits best according to your site conditions and schedule - we understand that timing onsite can change very quickly!

All drivers are equipped with appropriate PPE for construction site deliveries. Truck Hand Rails are used as required.


Modcast Precast Concrete Culverts


All standard sizes as per Australian Standards.

Custom sizes and specifications to suit your project.


We deliver culverts all over Victoria, New South Wales and ACT, from our centrally located facility on the Hume Fwy near the Victoria/New South Wales border.

Wingwalls, Bases, Lids, Aprons, Links.

Modcast manufactures a full integrated system which can be varied to suit any application.

Lead Times

We understand that lead time matters. We respect this, and provide accurate lead times, striving to meet your needs.

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